Swift Waiver

SwiftWaiver allows you to manage and organize your visitors easily!

Swiftwaiver is the perfect solution for any sort of Escape Room gameplay setup. It has features which you don’t find in your typical manual entry system of in an excel sheet. It begins from where all such things start.

Our exclusive online Photo Room Software is the best-customized solution you have ever desired. go. It is the best solution for any kind of gameplay setup for Escape Room.

Why game owners need this software? Let me take you to back to the common concerns of the game owner; they don’t keep a track of their customers and frequent visitors. In simple term, there is no way to keep the database. This Escape room app solves this primary concern as the first place.

Swiftwaiver or you can say EscapeRoom software is a perfect tailor-made solution. It is not just an application to collect data, but processes it for you and has some other multiple uses. One can easily get the details of the revenue of the business, you can organize the waivers on the basis of Activity. You can send them to follow up on E-mail and Phone, you can auto-post the photo on Facebook. You can easily customize the complete application according to your needs. It has review funnel functionality, so, you would earn positive reviews only. These are the unique feature as all such applications are the focus on database creation only.

And, if you are about to ask, how to get it; this is easy. Simply request a demo of our application, and we will provide you with a proper demo with all the features.

Connect us for more information about uses and features. Our dedicated team is always available for enhancing the features of Swiftwaiver.

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