Swift Waiver

Are you into Escape Room business? Don’t you want to collect information about your customers and manage all the things in a systematic manner? Then, SwiftWaiver is designed only for you. Find more about us.

Are you engaged in Online Buzz software or you want to expand your business?

If you are looking for an online waiver app or escape room in Brentwood then it will be a perfect choice for you. Swift Waiver has the potential to streamline the complete process of digital waiver, create good reviews by filtering out the bad ones, perform automate follow up, and even helps you to enhance with your business ranking.

You can also post all the group pictures from Photo Room software automatically to your Facebook page.

Customers can easily sign a fresh waiver on-site or conclude the existing waiver by Swiftwaiver smart search console. Not only this, this Escape room app even helps you to gather the details of the customers with the contact information. This will help you to go for a better marketing. You can auto-post all the group photos to the Facebook business page.

Swift Waiver allows you to run an application in offline mode as well. In case, you lose the internet connection, you don’t need to worry at all. It is possible to collect the waiver without the internet. You can choose the option of SYNC ONLINE and as soon as you have an internet connection, the data will be synchronized automatically. SwiftWaiver comes up with the apps that are available for all major platform. This buzz software is already famous in multiple countries. The key reason for its popularity is the features it comes up with.

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